Loss of Libido in Men-Things you need to know!

Loss of Libido in Men-Things you need to know!

An Overview of Loss of Libido in Men Loss of Libido in Men is though hard to specify Precisely, Laumann steps it as follows: "This is little or no in

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An Overview of Loss of Libido in Men

Loss of Libido in Men is though hard to specify Precisely, Laumann steps it as follows: “This is little or no interest in sex for many months of this past year.”

Losing interest in sexual activity Might not be a common incident for men as it is for the ladies: It affects roughly 15 percent to 16 percent of men. “However, when men lose interest in sexual activity it disturbs them more than girls — their masculinity is indeed connected to their sexuality that it’s extremely threatening,” says Esther Perel, a couple’s therapist at new York and author of Mating in Captivity.

In accordance with Barry McCarthy, men do not like to Discuss It; nor their spouses either. But reduction of libido in men or inhibited sexual desire stresses a union more than any other sexual disorder.

Your libido can fall because of matters in your life such as relationship issues, the birth of a child, anxiety, overwork or private issues. Chronic illness can impair sexual drive. So can some medicines, such as Antidepressants.

Causes of Loss of Libido in Men

Sexual desire rises and falls over the years for no evident reason. It’s quite normal for people to lose interest in sex from time to time.

Your libido can rise due to things like relationship Pleasures, good health, fitness, holidays and relaxation.

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Other Possible Causes include:

Low Testosterone

Your testosterone Levels is also a factor in your libido. Testosterone is responsible for creating muscles and bone density and stimulating sperm production.

You are believed to have low testosterone, or very low T, whenever your levels drop under 300 to 350 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). If your testosterone levels fall, your appetite for sex also reduces.


Taking particular Drugs can lower testosterone levels, which then can lead to reduced libido. By way of instance, blood pressure medicines such as ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers can avert erections and ejaculation.


Additionally, very low libido is a negative effect of several antidepressants, particularly discerning serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Depression affects all parts of an individual’s life. Individuals with depression experience a diminished or complete lack of interest in activities that they once found pleasing, such as sex.

Sleep Issues

A newer JCEM research found that men who have low testosterone levels also had reduced sleep efficiency. The analysis concluded that diminished levels of total testosterone have been connected with significantly less healthful sleep, especially in elderly men.

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Chronic Illness

Certain illnesses, Such as cancer, can lower your sperm production counts since your body concentrates on getting through the day.

Consequently, when you’re not feeling well due to the effects of a serious health condition, such as chronic pain, sex is likely low on your list of priorities.

Steps Taken to Manage Loss of Libido in Men

When You Have lost interest in sex due to anxiety, private Or relationship problems, it might be beneficial to speak with your spouse about how you’re feeling. Not talking about it can at times create sexual problems harder.

If you are feeling uncomfortable talking about sex, then try asking your Spouse the way she feels about your sexual life first. Reassure your partner that you still love and revel in intimate contact with her.

When you lose interest in sexual activity for no clear reason, and you or your spouse is concerned about it, ask your physician.

Remember there is more to gender than having sex. If your curiosity in having sexual activity has diminished, you might want to try out some more lusty ways of getting aroused. These include:

  • Assessing and caressing each other’s bodies
  • Taking a bath or shower together
  • Using a massage
  • Kissing each other gradually and in sensual areas (like the thigh)
  • Undressing each other.

Looking after Yourself

Leading a healthy life can enhance your odds of having a more healthy sexual life. You can try:

  • Losing weight if you’re obese
  • Reducing the Quantity of alcohol you beverage
  • Not having prohibited drugs
  • Accepting routine exercise
  • Giving up smoking.

These measures can Enable You to increase libido on your own:


Treating low libido in men can be determined by fixing the underlying cause of the issue. You might want to change drugs. You may need to find a therapist for connection counselling, if your low libido has emotional triggers.Please read and share.

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